When Two Worlds Collide

Agriculture and theatre are two sectors that don’t seem to cross over much. Unless you’re Ricky and Kathryn.

Some of you might have noticed some social media sharing between R S Jumps and Standing In The Wings so we thought we’d explain the reasoning behind it.

Back in 2018, Ricky was Lighting Designer for the play, Wait Until Dark. He’s been involved in theatre for as long as he can remember as a hobby. It started with set building which is probably the closest link to the jumps! Kathryn (Marketing Manager for RS Jumps) was playing the leading role in the play – originally a Stage Manager on a variety of shows in London, UK Tours and films, she’d returned to the boards having taken a local 9-5 job. 

Fast forward a few years and Ricky and Kathryn are now a couple (getting married in 2024) and not content with having busy careers in farming and the IT sector, they wanted to push their own ‘side line’ businesses – and fortunately, the other one said yes to supporting.

So, Ricky helps with the technical and building side of Standing In The Wings (Kathryn’s theatre company) and Kathryn supports with the social media, marketing and attending events for R S Jumps.

We believe that sharing our two worlds helps make us the strong partnership we are and whilst the target audiences might be different for the two companies, we want to share what each other does and help them to be the best possible and reach as many people. So, if you see a post that isn’t directly linked to what we do primarily, that’s why.

If you fancy supporting us too, check out our socials and websites – and if you think we can help you out, drop us a message – be it theatre related or agriculture/equine based. 


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