Summer Project

Back in May 2022, we exhibited at Rockingham International Horse Trials.

It was our first major public event, and we had a great weekend seeing existing customers as well as meeting new customers.

Through the event, we were asked to undertake a large scale project in Buckinghamshire which included:

  • Concreting the stable yard
  • Installing gates
  • Rebuilding stable walls
  • Installing a muck clamp
  • Creating a soakaway
  • Adding slips rails to existing stables
  • Installing a water trough

We picked the hottest month of the year to complete the work but we were pleased with the work but more importantly, our customer was too!

Photos of some of the work (before and after) and the team in action below:

If you’d like a quote for any yard projects, do get in touch and we’d be very happy to visit to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.